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New Patients at Corsicana Chiropractic

smiling person sitting in waiting areaWe look forward to welcoming you to Corsicana Chiropractic and partnering with you on your journey to optimal health!

When you’ve booked your appointment, we will email you a link so you can complete our new patient paperwork online prior to your visit. We ask that you please bring your identification and insurance card, and dress comfortably.

Your First Visit

Our front desk staff will welcome you and take care of your insurance information. Plan on about 40 minutes to 1 hour for this appointment. Then our clinical assistant Diana will give you a tour of the practice so you know where everything is and what therapies we offer. You’ll end your tour in an exam room, where Diana will take your vitals and check your range of motion.

Next, Dr. Eeds will come in and talk with you about your health history. She’ll ask questions about medications you’re taking, any surgeries you’ve had, and current health issues. You’ll also be asked about your diet and supplements you’re taking so she can get a complete picture of your health. She’ll also review the objective information that Diana took.

Then you’ll go into the adjusting room, where Diana will spend a few minutes using a massager to help relax the muscles in your back. Dr. Eeds will return and perform your chiropractic adjustment. She’ll explain everything she’s doing and how it can help restore proper nervous system function.

We may do adjustments on the extremities as well as the spine, depending on your specific needs and goals. If soft tissue therapies are recommended, we’ll provide those after your adjustment.

It’s important to understand that you don’t get well from one visit, just as you won’t get fit after a single workout at the gym. Dr. Eeds will make specific care recommendations tailored to your situation and she’ll explain the frequency of care and any nutritional supplements that might help you. Then our front desk will go over your insurance coverage (if you’re using insurance) and get you all checked out.

Ongoing Visits

The frequency of your visits will depend on your unique situation, and the care you receive at each appointment will be what your body needs at that visit.

Take That First Step Today

You don’t have to settle for so-so health and resign yourself to staying on the sidelines. Contact us today to get started. We are in-network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Medicare, and we accept cash and HSAs.

New Patients at Corsicana Chiropractic | (903) 872-5657